Monday, November 10, 2008

Birthday Boy Elijah!

Elijah had a great birthday! He enjoyed having family... cousins... and friends over. He really wanted a cookie cake and loved it!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Elijah Happy 5th Birthday!

Elijah is so thrilled it is his 5th birthday! I swear he waits most the year for it!
He is definitely a joy in our family... but oh so stubborn at times! I often think that is what has gotten him by at some moments. He was born in a small tiny town of Alturas, Ca. He was born not breathing. What a scare it gave us... but quickly he was using his lungs quite well. At 18 months he was not walking which was starting to be a question in our minds. But no doctor had mentioned anything wrong. He finally started walking about 21 months old. At 25 months old with other concerns we went and got an MRI done for him. The diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy was given. Not long after that he started wearing leg braces. Shortly there after we realized he desperately needed glasses. No matter what his weakness may be they have never stopped him. He has more strengths than most kids. Even though I do worry about him starting kindergarten next year more so than I did for Jarom. But I know as in everything else Elijah will rise above it all. He is an amzing kid! We love you! Have a Happy Birthday Elijah!

Here are pictures from this past week to the day he was born... 1 per year..

better update!

I figured I had better get the blog updated and get the Halloween stuff up. Since tomorrow is Elijah's 5th Birthday! Then of course their will be more pictures to post.
We are all loving it here in our home. Now Korey is back it does feel like home!
The boys are doing well in school! Sariah is keeping me on my toes. What a busy girl!


Halloween was very busy this year... well the days surrounding it! West Point city had a Halloween carnival we went to... a family Halloween Party... a pumpkin walk... making cookies... lots of fun! The boys always enjoy Halloween - Sariah started to get the concept real quick of trick or treating and was almost eating the candy as fast as she got it. We were all thrilled Korey made it home for his long trip in time for Halloween. So nice to have him home after him being gone 95% of the time since August 1st.

Pumpkin Carving!

I honestly can not stand to carve pumpkins... But every year Korey is so good about doing it with them ... somehow he still has to do 99% of the work.

Making Halloween Cookies

The boys loved making and decorating cookies! We invited over our good friends the Flints. Their son Aiden and daughter Lexi enjoyed themselves! We also had the boys cousin Cody over. He was a pro. It worked to my advantage that Sariah slept through it all.