Thursday, July 22, 2010


Arise Youth Spectacular... was an event this past Saturday that I was very grateful to be able to attend. My youngest sister Naomi worked hard for months practicing to preform in this amazing event. It was held at the Weber State football stadium and was the largest group of people to ever gather there. There was 3500 youth preforming in this event... I am so proud of my sister Naomi
These bottom two pictures have my sister Naomi in them - front of the girls in orange skirt.. 3rd one back with dark hair
center girl in orange skirt

Camping in the Uintahs

Last weekend we did our first official camping trip as a family! We went to the Uintahs near Mirror Lake (we went to Trail Lake). We are loved it! Jarom tried to catch a fish.. We enjoyed cooking all our food over the fire.. the eggs and bacon turned out awesome. The kids all really enjoyed themselves. Especially chasing the birds and squirrels... and adding wood to the fire. The down fall of the trip would had to have been the horrible swarms of mosquitoes. I have never used so much bug spray or stood in the smoke of a fire to keep the bugs away. Our sleep was interrupted by Elijah multiple times.. I`m sleeping on a rock... I need to go pee... and finally in the morning I`m throwing up.

In the background of this picture Jarom is giving Sariah a ride on his back.
I am cooking bacon on a roasting stick and anxiously waiting to eat the eggs and bacon cooking.

This was our morning view from our camping site.

After we packed up from camping we went to Provo falls. The boys really enjoyed it. Sariah had one of her emotional fits and I took a bad fall... so we didn't stay long.
Once we left there we headed to Evanston, Wy. My aunt Sandy was hosting our family reunion. I think I was just in too much pain from my fall. I never pulled out my camera. It overall was a great weekend!

Scout Day Camp!

Jarom loved Cub Scout Day Camp this year... especially because Korey was able to go.
He had a blast... he loved canoeing, BB guns, archery (which they said he was real good at)
and other things. I am thankful Korey brought a few pictures home. He did good!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dinosaur Park

A favorite place for our kids to go... not sure what they like best... probably feeding the ducks and the play area..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sariah's Birthday Party

A week after Sariah's birthday she got a party... she understood this year and wanted a party for her! Love it when they are old enough to understand what is happening and get excited. She didn't want a cake she wanted pink cupcakes! We enjoyed a few family members over, yummy cupcakes and lots of water fun!

Grandma Wendy and Sariah
Just too cute!
Pa got into the fun as well!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday to our princess!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Sariah! Oh how we all adore our "princess" Sariah... and oh how she knows that. She is becoming quite the girl... changes her clothes 10 times a day... everything is drama and emotion. Guess she is normal!  Two days prior to her birthday Korey had brought me flowers for our anniversary (day early) and she thought they were for her... so on her birthday Korey brought her home a pink rose. Oh how thrilled she was! She definitely is daddy's princess!

She really wanted a bike for her birthday and a pink one! She was thrilled to get one... It is a bit big but the next size down was just too small for how tall she is.

Wrapping up the 4th of July!

The following night we went back to Korey's parents. We enjoyed more yummy food... as well as more fireworks. The boys really enjoyed being with their cousins Kimbre and Kylee. The faces of Elijah in these photos I loved so much I had to add all three. Over the course of 3 days I took hundreds of photos... hard to pick just a few to share. We all definitely enjoyed celebrating the 4th of July! My favorite part my have been Korey having a 3 day weekend and taking me shopping Monday in Park City and spoiling me... but really I loved spending so much time with all of our familes.

Aunt Sandy's

The 4th of July evening we enjoyed spending it in Evanston, Wy at my aunt Sandy's. Yummy food... terrific family... incredible fireworks! Such good memories for my kids. They are already talking about next year. Jarom especially loved it I think because it was the first year he was allowed to light up any fireworks.

4th of July afternoon

We left the parade in West Point and headed to Coalville.. where it was even cooler... the kids always have fun at Grandma Wendy's and Pa's house.
We always enjoy the 4 wheelers... especially grandma's that she is so kind to let us use.
Sariah loved hanging out with Grandpa on the 4 wheeler as well
The boys loved showing off on the scooters including Jarom with his superman move of no feet.
Our three incredible children!

4th July Parade West Point

4th of July weekend was a whirl wind... it started a block away from our house with out local parade. We all enjoyed it... but dang it was cold. LOL Seriously..

Friday, July 2, 2010

Our 10th Anniversary!

Yesterday we celebrated our 10th Anniversary! We have spent 10 amazing years together... the ups, downs, excitement, heart breaks, children, 17 plus moves, family and pure joy together! Yesterday I rode the front runner to Salt Lake. Korey got off work early and picked me up. We spent the afternoon together remember and talking about the years. Especially what we were doing 10 years ago. We spent a good part of our time at the place where it all began. The Salt Lake Temple! We took out our endowments and got sealed for time and eternity on July 1st 2000! Yesterday we did a session at the SL temple. We were honored to be asked to be the witness couple. After our session it was very exciting to have a gentleman give us a private tour of a part of the temple. Talking and showing us the painting that was painted but never finished for the 100 year celebration of the temple... showing us Wilford Woodruff's area of the temple of which he lived and other special things. It was absolutely incredible. The temple as well as Korey mean even more to me now. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice dinner and some shopping!  It was an amazing day together. I felt like my husbands girlfriend all day! Loved it... Loved falling even more in love with him. Looking forward to the next 10 years and forever with him.
Below pictures taken yesterday....

This photo below was taken at the exact spot Korey proposed to me 10 1/2 years ago.. (at the SL temple)

A photo of us taken 10 years ago on our wedding day