Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random cute pictures...

Sariah and her baby often get stuck under the bar stools...

Sariah trying to put a diaper on her baby and take care of her... she is so dang cute!

Sariah and Elijah enjoying each other... at times they are good friends

Great Grandma and Grandpa visit us!

My grandparents (my dad's parents) came to spend the past week with us! Oh how we loved their visit... I do totally regret not taking more pictures! I guess I will have to go and visit them this summer! We miss them so much already... they left yesterday! So wonderful to have them visit. Oh yes and their dogs were loved dearly by our kiddos!

Elijah attacking grandma in kisses!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Elijah and his surgery

Elijah had his surgery on his foot last Thur at Shriners. He will be in his walking cast for 4-5 weeks. Here are a couple of the pictures taken (with my crappy point and shoot that kids have dropped a million times).

Elijah right after surgery with his room Buddie that went home shortly afterwards

Chilling on the big pillow

looking out some of the huge windows...

Elijah loved riding in the wagon - including riding in it down the elevator to eat

trying to walk for the first time with the cast...

Elijah took this unexpected photo of mom and dad...

Happy Easter!

Well here is the best we could get on Easter morning... I really don't think kiddos were thrilled to get there pictures taken....

Another pciture with the Easter Bunny!