Monday, September 29, 2008

It is official... we are homeowners!

Closing happened today! I did it on my own... Korey signed power of attorney over. I signed both of our lives away today. We should get a key late tomorrow. Wednesday I`ll head over to clean it and have the carpets professionally cleaned. Thursday Korey gets in town. We will move stuff over Thursday night and Friday. Korey will head back to Idaho for a while Monday morning. I actually have a phone number and address that people can write down in pen for the first time. I hardly can believe it! Maybe we will have a bomb fire of the boxes... we have saved and used all the the years...

oh yes keep you fingers crossed for me - I took the worst fall 2 days ago. I have a very sprained ankle making life very difficult for me at the moment - couldn't have been worse timing.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Pa and I

Jarom had to memorize a poem for school this month. I originally had my mom write one. Jarom thought it was a bit too long... so he tweaked it and came up with his own poem and says it tomorrow at school. Below is the poem and a picture he is taking with him to hold up. The picture is 4 years old but has always been a favorite picture of mine of him and his Pa.

My Pa & I
My Pa and I are Pals
We like to water and feed the cows
We also take care of the horses
Especially my horse Tom

My Pa and I like to go for ice cream
Sometimes we just sit and watch TV
We also ride the four wheeler a lot
Pa and I will always be Pals

- Jarom Richins

Saturday, September 20, 2008

We will miss you Grandma Richins

Four weeks shy of her 90th birthday (great grandma to our children) grandma Metta Richins passed away. She had lived a incredible life. She will be greatly missed. I have never seen so many people come to a viewing in my life. So many flower arrangement and plants were sent (I`m guessing 60 plus).

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sariah with puppies a few hours old

Jarom and allergic reaction to the unknown

A couple nights Jarom came upstairs with his shirt off and I was shocked. He was covered in hives from head to toe... worse breakout than anything I had ever seen! I ended up taking him to Park City to a Dr. by then half the hives wore gone. With no idea of what went on... then the next morning he went outside and broke out with in a few minutes... this was a picture of his upper back. But we haven't seen him broke out since. CRAZY!

Daddy's little helper

Sariah wanted to help her dad... Korey was working to replace the gas filter then with a small plastic piece broke and we had to end up replacing gas pump as well... THANKS for your help Sariah!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh my Sariah!

Enjoying being outside and riding her car

She is definitely thinking she likes the walking idea

Bubbles... better enjoy them! Summer is about over here.. Cool mornings and cool evenings... soon I`ll really be wishing we were back in AZ.

Seriously Sariah is such a dare devil - she thinks she needs to stand on everything!

Sariah's 1st hair cut

Well it was just the bangs...


We have a house!

We have been back and forth in the works -but it is official! Closing date is the 29th of Sept. It is in West Point, Ut.