Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jarom's Baptism

Jarom got baptised on Sat the 27th! We are so proud of him! He had a very nice baptism... and afterwards we had a family gathering at our house. I was very thrilled 38 people where there. What a great turn out! Thanks for support Jarom on his special day.

Jarom and his proud parents!

Jarom and his dad right before he was baptised

Jarom and grandma Judy (Laura's mom)

Jarom and his great grandparents (Laura's dad's parents)

Jarom and his Pa and grandma (Korey's parents)


A few pictures I took weeks before his baptism and the announcment...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Jarom!

Jarom wanted to celebrate his birthday at Chuck E Cheese. We all had a great time. Pizza... games and prizes what more can you ask for!

Happy 8th Birthday Jarom!

We are so thrilled that Jarom has turned 8 today! He is thrilled! Saturday is his big day when he gets baptised and when we will have family gather. Tonight we will enjoy going to Chuck E Cheese!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday Mom... (Grandma Judy)

We enjoyed celebrating my moms's 50th birthday tonight. All of her 9 children were there but Ray... and all of her grand kids were there. It was a good time.

Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to a wonderful husband and great father to our kiddos! We just adore - admire and appreciate him greatly! We spent part of the day with Korey's family in Coalville.

One of the gifts the boys made to give Korey - something he could put on his desk at the office...

Some of our fun!

Korey's parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary - here they are and all their children and their children

Manti Pageant

This past Sat June 19th we drove down to Manti and went to the pageant. Several of my siblings met us down there Josh and his wife - and my sisters Rachael, Esther, Sarah, Naomi and my mom. We all definitely enjoyed ourselves!
The beautiful Manti Temple

The boys with a couple of the actors from the pageant

Elijah and grandma Judy

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Disney's Christmas Carol Train Tour

Last week we went to try and attend the Christmas Carol Train Tour... with my mom and some of my sisters. But once there and I realized the line was 3 hours plus long I said no way! and we enjoyed seeing the trains instead.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lagoon Day!

Saturday the 6th of June was A & K (Korey's work) family Lagoon day. Boy did we all enjoy our 12 hour day there... Our kids have never been there before and they loved it. Jarom not knowing or understanding his first ride was the roller coaster (the big white one in the picture at the bottom) he loved it but would not attempt any ride similar the rest of the time there. I think bumper cars was the favorite ride for everyone there... even Sariah loved the kiddie rides.

Hogle Zoo

June 5th (which was also the last day of school) we all got to go to Hogle Zoo's dream night. Children from Shriner's & Primary Children's Hospital had a special evening there... the zoo wasn't open to the public during this time. We all had a good time and enjoyed seeing all the animals.