Monday, April 28, 2008


Whew! Another week beginning... Survived the busy weekend. Friday evening was Jarom's school carnival. The boys had a great time. Saturday morning I took the boys to the community event the Children's Festival... the boys thought I was the best mom ever and once again had a great time. That afternoon Jarom had a friends birthday party to go to. Sunday came we have to be out the door by 7:30AM yes AM ... by 7AM Jarom was complaining of his tummy so I staying home with the 3 kiddos. Sariah acted like it was the end of the world all day. Peeked into her mouth and saw two new teeth and another 2 or more about to poke through. So I guess she has a right to think that I should now be more than 3 inches away from her. Still trying to baby proof everything - yesterday I was on the phone in my room and Sariah was with my - I turned around and couldn't see her. I walked down the hall and noticed her in the bathroom. Slipping and sliding while crawling around... she had dumped a bottle of baby oil out. Oh my! - Today Elijah will be casted for his 3rd pair of AFO's (leg braces) I think he has decided to just stick with blue ones. Better get on with my Monday...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Elijah's Field Trip

Elijah had a great field trip today! They learned about public transportation and went to the riding stables. (click on photos to see them larger)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


We are alive.... Just a week of Korey working way long hours (about 80 a WEEK) - well it has been this was for months except for our 5 day trip - and in my end .... balancing school schedules for boys ... Dr. appointments... field trips... school carnivals... school book fairs... volunteering at the school.... birthday parties to attend to... luncheons... play groups... moms night out ... children's festival... visiting teaching... Sariah's naps around it all - oh yes and trying to keep the house clean enough to walk through... So we are hear just BUSY!

Wish I could fit in more real cooking... scrapbooking... crafting stuff... and so much more!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our Family Trip

We are finally sorta setting back in after our trip! We left Wed the 10th late afternoon. We stayed the night in Flagstaff, AZ. Thursday morning we went the to Grand Canyon. Enjoyed the IMAX and a bit of sight seeing. With climate shock we arrived to Coalville, Ut (near Park City) that night (it was snowing). Korey's parents live there. Friday morning we took Jarom to the dentist in Layton and then went out to lunch with our friends the Flints! Friday evening we went to my family in Ogden and had a family BBQ. Saturday AM we left early to the SL Temple for my brothers sealing - then an afternoon luncheon and reception that evening. What a long day!!!!! But a wonderful day.... Saturday we arrived late back to Coalville and spent it with Korey family and part of Monday. Monday about noon we headed to a half way point home which was Vegas. We took the kiddos on the strip until about midnight! They were amazing through it all (Sariah slept most the time). We totally enjoyed ourselves! Tuesday the 15th We stopped at the Chocolate factory and went to Hoover Dam prior to heading home. What a long few days! Here are oodles of photos! With the trip we took over a 1000! We had a wonderful time!

My mom and our kidos!
Korey's parents and our kidos!
M&M world in Vegas
Hoover Dam that will never be the same with the new bridge
Korey and the boys!
Grand Canyon!
My mom and my siblings with my brother's new bride
My family at the SLC Temple

more Vegas!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sariah 9 months old!

Here are a few photos of our princess over the past week.... I`ll post another blog later about our trip. Today Sariah had her 9 month check up (late).... She is 17 pounds now - She is in the 90% for her height and 10% for her weight - long and lean! We love her so!

Monday, April 7, 2008

I know I know....

About time for me to post something!!! Busy few days and then Korey reformatted the computer yesterday. So I am working to put programs back on - most importantly photoshop LOL. Wed we leave for the 1000 mile journey to northern Utah. To attend my brothers wedding at the SL temple . It will be nice to have a quick visit with family - but sadly I am already looking forward to being home. It is a longggggggg trip especially with 3 kids. To make it a little easier heading up there we are breaking the trip up to two days and will go see the Grand Canyon on Thur AM. So when I return I am sure I`ll have plenty of pictures to post.... oh yes I am also going to copy a friend of mine and create a blog site just for my recipes i try... that way they don't get so mixed up here. So my blog might be quite for a week or so.... ~ Laura