Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Jarom has been on my mind lately...
Recently he got the below award at school! He was so excited and we were so proud of him! Last week he did his first science project for school. He studied and learned a lot about horses and then took a container and made a replica of a horse habitat. He had so much fun doing it and his class mates loved his project! Today I got to go to Jarom's school and have lunch with him. I love him... every day he is so funny when I drop him off at school he still blows kisses and waves at the same time and yells love you mom. I dread the day when he is too old to do that. In his prayers he has a cute line he always says... "Bless mom that she will make good food like she always does." He is so good about complimenting and thanking me for all I do for him. A funny quirk he did... a couple months back... I was hurrying and getting the kids in the car to take Jarom to school. I told them all to hurry. As I was driving the 2 miles to school I was doubling checking with Jarom that he had all he needed... he responded and said he didn't have his shoes! I about died laughing. So he wouldn't be late I told him to run into his classroom and I would go home and get his shoes and bring them to him. (He hasn't forgot his shoes since.) He really is a great kid! School doesn't necessarily come easy for him but he is always trying his hardest. We are proud of Jarom and who is becoming.

A & K Holiday Party

Korey and I enjoyed going to his company Holiday party in Dec. It was a nice night out and yummy food! Below is the company newsletter. (Our picture is the top left).

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! 2009

We ended 2008 quite at our house. Something about having kids I just enjoy a slower pace, especially at night. So we were all asleep by 11PM. The kids had a fun evening wearing party hats & eating ice cream! (Jarom did lose a tooth). We took a couple pictures just for fun! I`m ready to see what 2009 has to offer us! We are definitely still enjoying being in our home. The boys will continue to learn and grow. Jarom is excited to get baptised this year. Sariah will continue to be our joy - she makes us laugh and smile a 1000 times a day. She is sure changing and growing every day! We are excited that this Sunday she starts nursery at church! A day we have waited for. She is such a busy girl! Korey will be adapting more to his new position and "office" type job at work. I have lots of goals and things I hope to accomplish this year. I hope you all have a great new Year!