Friday, February 29, 2008


I just couldn't pick my top favorite photo so you can see several that are simular...

Monday, February 25, 2008

My two boys...

My two boys...
Jarom had his appointment with the ear/nose dr. He passed with flying colors ears are working great
Thursday he will see the pediatrician to make sure all is well...
The school has about 45 days left to do a new speech evaluation and an OT evaluation.
Just some stuff at school that is putting red flags up so I am doing all I can to rule everything out
Now Elijah...
About 2 weeks ago his left foot (weaker side w/ the CP) started having some extreme inward rotation. No idea what is causing it. Last week I took him to the orthotics place that made his leg braces. We ruled out that it is not the leg braces. Next Monday Elijah will go see the Orthopedic Dr. in Tucson (70 miles away) to see what is causing the problem. If no answer then we will head to a neurologist.
Oh yes... and we are fighting to save Jarom's tooth for about 5 more weeks. He injured it the 2nd week in January with a bad bathroom fall. A week later infection started swelling the side of his face etc... Dentist here did an antibiotic. Now 3 weeks later the tooth is abscessing.... called dentinst he refusing to pull it with Jarom's bad history with being sedated. All dental work with this kid he must be sedated. So now with using salt and in a week or so we will start the last antibiotic and hope to hold him off to having it pulled until we get to Utah to his regular dentist April 11th...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

On the go... nothing like the park!

Elijah and his new bike!

It arrived Thur..... Elijah had his dad put it together as soon as he got home... So at 8PM Elijah was out riding it! His Lightening McQueen Bike!
Amazing for a kid who couldn't even ride a trike a year ago...

Elijah's Field Trip

To a Pizza place... we had a great time!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Soon the boys will have...

Bunk beds - I ordered these online... I really like them

Friday, February 15, 2008

da da da da

Sariah loves to hold my cell phone on speaker and with Korey on the phone and just say da da da it is so cute - She loves her dad!

remember to pause music at the bottom of page before playing

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My low of yesterday....

My low of yesterday.... Oh being a mom.... doesn't it ever overwhelm anyone but me!?! First of all there is the constant I want this I want that - heck everyone's needs all at once especially at about 6PM.... Never seeming to be able to get ahead anywhere especially in the house... or heck taking care of myself...... Mostly though yesterday it was weighing on me so heavy... I have two boys with small "issues" as I call them. Jarom and his writing/reading regression.... I don't know what is happening - I don't know who to get to help me and heck the school system is no help.... Then Elijah I am more than a bit nervous his left foot (he has the left side cerebral palsy) is now doing some severe inward rotation... dang I just want answers.... In some ways I truly wish there was a how-to manual with my children. Heck I don't want to control them (like some certain person told me) I just want to know what I need to be doing...... I know everything I do right or wrong effects them down the road. I just want to make the right choices for them....Well maybe enough off of my shoulders.....

My high of yesterday......

I had the picture of Sariah printed at Walgreens (the freebie) went to pick it up and the guy wanted a copyright release... I had to explain that I took the picture and that is is mine! It was the picture of Sariah in pink/white dress I posted on Sunday.... pretty cool! Oh by the way crappy reprints I wouldn't do them there again!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Elijah & his patch

Trying to be creative to help thekiddo out with patching the eye... we ordered this last week he really is liking it.... some real creative moms online....

Sunday, February 10, 2008

So pretty

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Monday, February 4, 2008


She does have two teeth! (click on it to see it bigger)

What a pretty girl!

We sure love this pretty girl!
she is 7 months old now...

Like father like daughter

Okay so Korey loves black licorice.... I on the other hand can not stand it! But Korey discovered the other day that Sariah loves it!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

why is there such a thing as being sick... or ill of any sort..?

Korey spent last week sick with the sore throat - that we thought was the end of the world LOL..... Elijah had just gotten over pink eye...... Sariah still thinks those teeth are killing her and she has every right to whine unless you hold her or go shopping LOL...... Jarom now Jarom.... started with headaches last Monday.... by Tuesday we had a mild fever and some slight swelling on the side of his face and near his eye... by Thursday evening it was all really out of control.... could hardily keep the fever under 103.5 the swelling was crazy... could hardily open his eye. So Friday after much thought and debate (do I call a dr. or dentist) we ended up at a dentist office at 8AM - 2 hours later several x-rays inclunding a (space ship x-ray as they call it) and me demanding there is something wrong.... they spot a slight infection on one of his teeth (let me remind you we spent nearly a $800 on his mouth in Dec) so off we go with a prescription for antibiotics. THANKFULLY! He is looking much better...... (if mispelling forgive them spellcheck isn't working on here)


Nothing like a Sunday afternoon game of checkers! Jarom and Korey play nearly daily since Christmas. I think I had started to feel left out... so last Sunday I played Korey 3 times. WON! 2 games in a row! SIMPLY AMAZING! Why? Because Korey and I used to play checkers all the time BFC (before children LOL) and he always beat me... I had never won a game.. We hadn't played in years.... But we played again today and I started my loosing streak again. Amazing enough Jarom has beat me now... he asks though "Mom did you let me win" - no Jarom I didn't - honestly I didn't.... But hey we are having a blast playing checkers... Nothing like good family fun... Oh how I love my family!