Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday! Korey

Yesterday was Korey's birthday! Oh how we adore and appreciate him! Korey is such a great father to our 3 kiddos and a great husband to me! We tried to make sure he had an extra special day yesterday and tried to spoil him a bit! He deserves it all!

Jarom's 2nd Grade Program

"We can be a light" All of the 2nd grade classes at Jarom's school presented an incredibly patriotic program this past week. I loved it! Made me so proud to be an American! These kids were incredible. I was especially proud of Jarom. He worked so hard on his part and he knew all 11 songs very well!

Jarom and his uncle Craig who is serving in the Marines

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Visiting the cemetary in Coalville... It was nice to show Jarom the grave site of his great grandfather where his middle name came from.

Father & Son camping trip

Because of moves and all we have never been camping. So the boys were thrilled to go on a father son camping trip. I was bummed with the pictures they brough back... oh well. They all had a great time! I love the "boys" in my family!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Life has been busy... as always! But I wouldn't have it any other way!
Today Sariah woke a bit sick... hopefully it is short lived illness. She is sure growing and very strong willed. I often wonder how a 22 month old can out smart me ;o)
Elijah got his cast off and is doing well. Very strong willed (as always) and is getting those muscles stronger each day. He ends preschool this week (thankfully - 1 kid at his school has swine flu).
Jarom is doing great... He gets out of school June 5th. He says he`ll miss it but the break may be nice. A couple months ago he saw a pediatric Neuropsychologist in Park City after 12 hours in her office and much testing. We found out several things - he has a high IQ and is very smart (but learning doesn't come easy) - he has a short term memory issue - he has anxiety and a expressive language disorder. So basically he has to work harder than others.
We are all very excited for this summer. We have many exciting things coming up.
- Korey Jarom Sariah and my birthdays
- Korey and I's 9th wedding anniversary
- Jarom's baptism
- A trip to Manti pageant
and many other things... hopefully I can keep the blog updated regularly.
Hope you all have a great summer!

Jarom & Soccer

Jarom absolutely loves soccer! (He can hardly wait until the fall to play again)
He has improved so much this year. He even got 2 goals... the last 2 games! We are so proud of him and we are so happy that he loves to play.

Elijah & Soccer

Elijah loved soccer season! He had a blast... Amazing enough he had surgery the week prior to the season and started the first game with a cast. He did incredibly well. So motivated and determined. He made an amazing goaly. (He did get his cast off 3 days after soccer ended. He is much weaker now and will take time to strengthen those muscles. He is now down to one brace and will probably wear it several more years. Every day he is doing better and determined. He did start t-ball this past week. Which has now been easy on his leg nor using a mitt on his weaker hand.) We are proud of that boy!

Mother's Day...

Past due Mother's Day post... Life kinda has been busy...
Here is a pictures of my 3 children and myself. You can tell that one of them didn't wake up in the best of moods that day... But I still got a picture of them and myself. I am grateful for having the blessing and opprotunity to be a mother. As well as the many women that have played the roll of mother in my life. I have been blessed with many great women that I have known. My own mother is one of them and oh how my children adore her and their other 2 grandmas.