Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh what a day!

Found out this morning that the pink eye that was going around Elijah's class.... well he now has it...... Tonight Jarom slipped on the floor in the bathroom and gashed the inside of his mouth open at least an inch or more... looks like he cracked a tooth and loosened 2 (not like the dentist didn't just help him remove 5 baby teeth......) Deep breath...

- Update -
I awake (well wouldn't even describe my being up w/ Elijah for nearly 2 hours last night...)
to Jarom okay...side of face gums to swollen to eat... after trying yogurt he couldn't do we opted to make a smoothie... not sure what he will do about lunch at school..... he says pain wise he is fine to go BUT (he is the embarrassed type) and is too fearful that someone my notice his mouth lips cheeks are swollen....