Monday, March 24, 2008

My girl in my first tutu I have made!


Jodi said...

Tutus are the BEST for pictures! You should check out my friend Heather's website. She uses tutu's a lot in her pictures.
I've made a couple myself and it was pretty simple!
Good job!
Oh, and only in Arizona do you find kids hunting for easter eggs shirtless! It's 90 here today!

Amber said...

Ha that is so stinkin cute. How did you make it. Your daughter is beautiful Laura!

Rachel said...

Did you take the black and white photo? It is amazing! I need a camera like yours. You have such a good eye. (Doesn't hurt that your little girl is GORGEOUS!!)

Holmes Family said...

Sariah is so adorable! Hey I want to learn to make tutu's! You did a great job! Take care, Jess