Thursday, May 22, 2008

End of a school year

Jarom had his last day of First grade today! He came out of the classroom saying "I`m a Second Grader now". He can not wait for a the new school year to start... Lucky him his and my choice we enroled him in 2 summer school classes (math (which he loves) and a reading/writing (which he can use all the help possiable). He is excited for that to start early June.


Amber said...

oh that is neat that he'll be able to do that this summer. Good Job Jarom

motherhill said...

I love looking at all your pictures. Your kids are so cute. Congradulations on the little girl, I can see a lot of grandma in her. That was a great story about Elijah. What a thrill to see him on the front page of a paper.