Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jarom started 2nd Grade today!

So happy and excited for him! He was thrilled. His cousin lives right next to us... so they both got on the bus together and both happen to be in the same class! School here has a bit different hours than we are use to - it begins at 7:50 (he got on the bus at 7:25) and school gets out at 2:05PM - (AZ was 8:35 to 3:10). Bit weird knowing we wouldn't be here long (still in the house hunting search). - Elijah is excited we found him a school today he`ll start Sept 2nd. - We do have a house that we are seriously considering that meets our needs... we will see what happens.


MaryBeth said...

School starts that early! Holy cows! It's takes all I have to get Aren to the bus stop at 8:15...I guess I'll be sticking around AZ for a while, eh?

Amber said...

great and good job for both of your kids. what are you doing now house process wise?

Holmes Family said...

So much fun! In response to your comment, Chris got the extension so we are staying here in New Mexico until November.
Good luck also with your home! It looks so nice, I'll be praying you get it! Take care, Jess