Sunday, March 15, 2009

Elijah and Shriners!

Recently Elijah was accepted into Shriners we feel very blessed that his care will be taken care of so well. So far he has had his first appointment of meeting the Doctor and figuring out what Elijah will need. Last Monday he had a 2 1/2 hour appointment of what is called a "gait analysis." Amazing what technology that they have. Elijah loved the robot they made of him on their computer. Below is a picture that they took of him with all of the "muscle phones" attached to him and the video reflectors. Elijah goes back to Shriners in a week for a PT & OT evaluation. He will also go in on the 9th of April for a surgery. Basically they will be lengthening a muscle in his left ankle area. (Hopefully to help the foot not turn inward so much) Elijah will spend two nights in the hospital and be in a walking cast for 4 weeks following it.
(okay I know a bad picture - it was a print out from Shriners and I scanned it)


mbr_flint said...

OH what a cute boy. i am so glad you guys were able to get him in too. Can we sign his cast when he gets it?

Laurie said...

Mercy went to Shriners when she was a newborn, for her foot. They are so sweet and great there!