Sunday, May 17, 2009


Life has been busy... as always! But I wouldn't have it any other way!
Today Sariah woke a bit sick... hopefully it is short lived illness. She is sure growing and very strong willed. I often wonder how a 22 month old can out smart me ;o)
Elijah got his cast off and is doing well. Very strong willed (as always) and is getting those muscles stronger each day. He ends preschool this week (thankfully - 1 kid at his school has swine flu).
Jarom is doing great... He gets out of school June 5th. He says he`ll miss it but the break may be nice. A couple months ago he saw a pediatric Neuropsychologist in Park City after 12 hours in her office and much testing. We found out several things - he has a high IQ and is very smart (but learning doesn't come easy) - he has a short term memory issue - he has anxiety and a expressive language disorder. So basically he has to work harder than others.
We are all very excited for this summer. We have many exciting things coming up.
- Korey Jarom Sariah and my birthdays
- Korey and I's 9th wedding anniversary
- Jarom's baptism
- A trip to Manti pageant
and many other things... hopefully I can keep the blog updated regularly.
Hope you all have a great summer!


Shy said...

Wow sounds like you all are having fun! Love the photos of the boys playing soccer! What fun! Sounds like you will have a busy summer too.