Monday, July 20, 2009

Enjoyed our Saturday.... Friends - Family & Fun

We started Saturday with the Clinton parade with our friends the Flint's and their kiddos. What a long parade but the kids all had fun collecting a ton of candy.

Then we went down to all the happenings on 25th Street in Ogden where my sister Hannah and her kiddos joined us as well as my sisters Esther and Naomi. We all enjoyed the farmer's market, scones, crepes, robbery re-enactment (that was too brief) and saw the tractor show. Then we went to the Tree House Children's Museum (free day) None of us had been there before and the kiddos all had fun...

Then we went to the Union Station, the Utah State Railroad Museum, John M Browning Firearms Museum and the Kimball Classic Car Museum (happened to be a free day) We all enjoyed looking around.

Finally we joined my cousin July and her girls at my uncle Randy's house to roast marshmallows and make smores.... afterwards we went to watch the Clinton fireworks. What a great Saturday.


mbr_flint said...

That was a alot of fun! Thanks for going to the parade with us!