Monday, September 28, 2009

West Point Elementry's 140th Celebration

The boy's school was celebrating 140 years since the first West Point school. I am on the PTA so I was helping with being in charge of the breakfast. Both the boys were taking part in the 1 mile Fun Run. There was also train rides... bowling... music and bounce houses. Everyone had a great time.

It got a bit difficult for Elijah half way through... so I took his hand and together we finished the race.
I was so proud of both of my boys... especially for Elijah. It was not easy for him... He is one tough kid!
Thanks grandma Judy (Laura's mom) for coming to support the boys... especially when she has worked all night and not had any sleep.


Amber said...

awesome that is really neat. For some odd reason hearing about Elijah finish it brought a tear to my eye. I know how difficult that kind of stuff is for him and he accomplished it. Way to go Elijah!