Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

What a wonderful Christmas we had... We enjoyed the early morning with three excited kids. (except I truly believe I was more excited... I kept waking up all night and could not sleep... ) We went to my moms for a bit and then made it home by noon to fix a Christmas dinner. Korey's parents drove up to enjoy dinner with us. The afternoon/evening some friends and family stopped by to visit. Enjoy some of our pictures of our morning. Some of them are traditional photos I take every year such as the one below and the ones with the kids and their gifts.

All the gifts laid out for the kiddos to open in the morning....

The boys really wanted a Wii... especailly Jarom. So Korey thought it would be neat to have Sariah get it and unwrap it....


Elijah and his gifts... he is still really enjoys art stuff....

Sariah and her stuff... (now isn't she cute)

Jarom and his stuff... well actually half the Wii stuff was Elijah's and the Wii was actually a family gift. But Jarom is happy!

Sariah's favorite gift lip gloss... she recieved about 15 things of it... thankfully she is really good about just keeping it on her lips... she loves that stuff! What a girly girl she is! She loves the color pink.

3 happy kiddos... (lip gloss in Sariah's hand)

Korey's gift... 2008 portion of my blog into a book for him... I`ll do 2009 very soon for him! He really enjoyed it!


mbr_flint said...

I love that. How do you get it printed!