Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 2010

January 2010 brought in a peaceful overall quiet month. We enjoyed some of our normal stuff... mom's PTA meetings and stuff at the school, cooking group and relief society meeting. The boys enjoyed a primary breakfast with their new teachers, several days of no school, SEP conferences a time for mom and them to meet with their teachers and see how great they are both doing at school and they both enjoyed cousin Caleb's birthday party at Chuck e Cheese. Jarom spend some of his spare time preparing his "Black Widow" car for the Pinewood Derby. He overall did wonderful. In several of the heats he came in first... but in the final race (after racing about 10 times he came in 3rd. We are very proud of him. He also received his Wolf badge that night at scouts.

one of the seveal heats that he came in first....

The fianl heat... a paused mode on the video recording on the television