Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Catching up on blogging again... and once again only a couple photos were taken. Most of them on my camera were taken of other people. Elijah began Piano this month. Definitely a challenge for him... with his CP he has limited isolated movement in several of his fingers on his left hand. Which has made piano not easy. But he has dedicated himself to practicing a lot. After a month he has made great improvements and isn't complaining about his left hand nearly as much. We are so proud of him! Elijah also had another event this month. Upon helping him brush his teeth one day we noticed that his permanent teeth - two of them... were grown in behind his bottom baby teeth. So we made a quick trip to the dentist and quickly they removed the baby teeth. Not a fun experience for him. Early in the month the boys enjoyed a dads and donuts morning at school with dad. Jarom started spring soccer this month. It truly is a passion for him. He loves it and is definitely getting better every season. We made a couple trips to Coalville this month and the boys enjoyed riding the horse Tom.. even in the cold weather.

Enjoying horse Tom with grandpa "PA"


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