Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

How blessed am I to be a mother of these three incrediable children. They all spoiled me on Mother's Day and made me feel so loved. Including my amazing husband. No greater thing I could be doing on this earth than mothering these three. Rarely an easy task... but God has entrusted them in my care. To love them.. teach them.. and help them grow up to be good people. What special spirits these three are.

Jarom brought home a couple things from school that made me smile... I will try to type what they say so maybe you can invision how special they were to me.
A card that said on the outsdie "Guess who this is... Look inside for clues...
He had to fill in the spaces
She is  "31" years old
She is "5 ft 5in" tall.
She weighs "140 lbs"
Her favorite food is "Reese's Peanut Butter Cups"
She likes to wear her "dress"
When she finishes her work she likes to "read"
If I had a million dollars I`d buy her "more plates and bowls"
I love her best when she "makes my favorite food"
Good Guess You!

and another....
My mom report!
by Jarom Ellis Richins
What she looks like.. She hasblue eyes and her hair is brown.
What she Loves... she loves me and her family. She loves a clean house and when people help her with special things.
What she doesn't like... she doesn't like a messy house. She doesn't like kids that fight. She doesn't like it when she has to stay longer than she has to.
A funny story about her... One Monday I was doing my homework and I came to a test prep. Than my mom said, "I don't know how to do that" - than I said mom letm e help you. I explained it to her. She thought it was pretty funny.
Top ten cool facts about her...
1- She never forgets to wash my cltohes.
2- Whenever I'm sick she gives me my favorite soup to make me feel better.
3- She always is working hard on the PTA.
4- Her family has moved sixteen times in nine years.
5- She is a good cook.
6- She loves to take pictures and it helps us remember the past.
7- She alwasy brings food for weddings and other events.
8- She always makes wedding announcements.
9- She always takes bridal pictures
10- She helps everyone.

Oh how he made my heart full and made me smile.


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That is way tender