Thursday, July 22, 2010

Camping in the Uintahs

Last weekend we did our first official camping trip as a family! We went to the Uintahs near Mirror Lake (we went to Trail Lake). We are loved it! Jarom tried to catch a fish.. We enjoyed cooking all our food over the fire.. the eggs and bacon turned out awesome. The kids all really enjoyed themselves. Especially chasing the birds and squirrels... and adding wood to the fire. The down fall of the trip would had to have been the horrible swarms of mosquitoes. I have never used so much bug spray or stood in the smoke of a fire to keep the bugs away. Our sleep was interrupted by Elijah multiple times.. I`m sleeping on a rock... I need to go pee... and finally in the morning I`m throwing up.

In the background of this picture Jarom is giving Sariah a ride on his back.
I am cooking bacon on a roasting stick and anxiously waiting to eat the eggs and bacon cooking.

This was our morning view from our camping site.

After we packed up from camping we went to Provo falls. The boys really enjoyed it. Sariah had one of her emotional fits and I took a bad fall... so we didn't stay long.
Once we left there we headed to Evanston, Wy. My aunt Sandy was hosting our family reunion. I think I was just in too much pain from my fall. I never pulled out my camera. It overall was a great weekend!