Sunday, February 3, 2008


Nothing like a Sunday afternoon game of checkers! Jarom and Korey play nearly daily since Christmas. I think I had started to feel left out... so last Sunday I played Korey 3 times. WON! 2 games in a row! SIMPLY AMAZING! Why? Because Korey and I used to play checkers all the time BFC (before children LOL) and he always beat me... I had never won a game.. We hadn't played in years.... But we played again today and I started my loosing streak again. Amazing enough Jarom has beat me now... he asks though "Mom did you let me win" - no Jarom I didn't - honestly I didn't.... But hey we are having a blast playing checkers... Nothing like good family fun... Oh how I love my family!


Judy said...

WOW how I love your family too!!!! You guys are wonderful!!!