Sunday, February 3, 2008

why is there such a thing as being sick... or ill of any sort..?

Korey spent last week sick with the sore throat - that we thought was the end of the world LOL..... Elijah had just gotten over pink eye...... Sariah still thinks those teeth are killing her and she has every right to whine unless you hold her or go shopping LOL...... Jarom now Jarom.... started with headaches last Monday.... by Tuesday we had a mild fever and some slight swelling on the side of his face and near his eye... by Thursday evening it was all really out of control.... could hardily keep the fever under 103.5 the swelling was crazy... could hardily open his eye. So Friday after much thought and debate (do I call a dr. or dentist) we ended up at a dentist office at 8AM - 2 hours later several x-rays inclunding a (space ship x-ray as they call it) and me demanding there is something wrong.... they spot a slight infection on one of his teeth (let me remind you we spent nearly a $800 on his mouth in Dec) so off we go with a prescription for antibiotics. THANKFULLY! He is looking much better...... (if mispelling forgive them spellcheck isn't working on here)