Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Pa and I

Jarom had to memorize a poem for school this month. I originally had my mom write one. Jarom thought it was a bit too long... so he tweaked it and came up with his own poem and says it tomorrow at school. Below is the poem and a picture he is taking with him to hold up. The picture is 4 years old but has always been a favorite picture of mine of him and his Pa.

My Pa & I
My Pa and I are Pals
We like to water and feed the cows
We also take care of the horses
Especially my horse Tom

My Pa and I like to go for ice cream
Sometimes we just sit and watch TV
We also ride the four wheeler a lot
Pa and I will always be Pals

- Jarom Richins


MaryBeth said...

Oh my stars. I want that picture to hang in my house! Too stinkin' cute.

mbr_flint said...

very cute

Weezy said...

I love the makes me smile!!!

BTW, you've been tagged!!! Check out my blog for the details!!!

Rachel said...

What a sweet and tender poem and photo. How did he do??